AG Hair Cosmetics, Style with Substance

AG Hair CosmeticsFashions come and go - but style is timeless. Nothing says more about your sense of style than your hair - the cut, the colour, the texture, the shine, all add up to the ultimate style accessory. And nothing enhances your ultimate accessory better than AG Hair Cosmetics.

AG is dedicated to providing the ultimate in style through the performance of its unique product range. AG uses only the finest, most advanced ingredients such as soothing Botanicals, Panthenol for body, Silk for strength and shine and Wheat for moisture, to provide the building blocks for healthy, shiny hair deep inside the hair cortex. AG believes that by building strength and condition deep on the inside, a healthier, stronger foundation for our products will result on the outside. The better the foundation the better the results: Better texture, better volume, better shine.

AG Hair Cosmetics Shampoos

Tech One - Normal Shampoo
Tech Two - Colour Treatment Shampoo
Peppermint Wash - Active Lifestyle Shampoo
Thikk Wash - Volumizing Shampoo
Renew - Clarifying Shampoo
Sterling Silver - Toning Shampoo
Control - Dandruff Shampoo

AG Hair Cosmetics Conditioners

Conditioner Light - Daily Conditioner
Stimulating Balm - Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Thikk Rinse - Volumizing Conditioner
Conditioning Mist - Detangling Conditioner
Fast Food - Leave On Conditioner
Conditioner Deep - Reconstructing Treatment
Ultramoist - Moisture Treatment

AG Hair Cosmetics Styling

Spray Body
- Soft Hold Volumizer
Bigwigg - Root Volumizer
Plastique - Extreme Hold Volumizer
Details - Reconstructing Treatment
Liquid Effects - Extra-Firm Styling Lotion
Mousse Gel - Exrta-Firm
Liquid Varnish - Smoothing Polish
Set It Straight - Straightener

Styling Gel - Firm
Hard Gel - Extra Firm
Thermal Spray Gel - Setting Spray
Waxx - Gloss Pommade
Infrastructure - Structuring Paste
Stucco - Texturing Paste

AG Hair Cosmetics Finishing

Spray Varnish - High Voltage Shine
Styling Spray - Firm Hold
Spray Fixx - Extra-Firm
Aerodynamics - Firm Hold
Ultra Dynamics - Extra-Firm